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Recently we noticed an increasing growth in the demand of Marketplaces based on the SAP Hybris e-commerce platform, and there is always a recurrent question about the existence of an OOTB (Out Of The Box) Marketplace for Hybris, based on this our teams at SII MAROC Services had the idea to try and create a generic, flexible, and intelligent extension to answer this need.

SII Hybris Marketplace is an OOTB Hybris Marketplace, designed and developed to be easily integrated with any Hybris e-commerce platform, this Marketplace, enables the platform to have the necessary Marketplace functionalities as well as keeping the original Hybris e-commerce behavior, to give the platforms owner a new source of profits.

Our Marketplace is Based on the Commission business model, so that we ensure that the vendors do not pay anything unless a transaction is made, thus making this Marketplace both attractive to vendors and highly lucrative since the platform owner would profit from each and every transaction made.


For this version, we created the following main functionalities :

Vendors Management

Since Vendors are the core of every Marketplace, a good vendor’s management is imperative, for our part we gave the platforms administrator the hand to create the vendors accounts, so that he will have full control of this operation, since in this step the commission for the vendor is set, and we also gave the possibility for the vendor to edit his information for the settings area in the dashboard we created.

Offers Management

Each vendor can give different offers for different products or even the same product for different currencies, we gave the vendor the ability to add offers and consult them, these offers once created require the administrator’s validation, so he can either accept, reject or put them to be updated if there is a value required to be change, the negotiations mechanism is used to ensure this part.

Prices Management

By default, the hybris platform allows one price per price in a given product, but for our Marketplace, each product can and should be able to have different prices for the same currency, each representing a different vendor, that’s why we create a price per vendor, and also gave the possibility for the platform administrator to choose which price to sell with, either one of the prices proposed by vendors or even a new selling price that he specifies.

Stock Management

By giving the administrator the ability to choose the selling price, there is a huge risk of him selecting a price which is lower than one of many vendors’ prices, so we set up a no losses mechanism, that displays automatically to customer, only the available quantity having prices lower or equal to the selling price, this mechanism is also used in the destocking so as not destock from vendors having a price higher than the selling price, also for the destocking we set it up to begin from the vendor’s stock having the lowest price so as to maximize profits.

Orders Management

In the Hybris e-commerce platform, a customer placing an order means the creation a single order which represents the transaction between the platform and the customer, but for a Marketplace we need to create a new order from a different type, to represent the transaction between the platform and the different vendors for this product, this order is created for the splitting of the customer’s cart into different entries based on the vendors proposing the product.

Invoices management

The invoices management, which includes, the invoices creation by the vendor for any period of time he selects, and acceptance by the administrator for when the invoices is paid or if there is a problem detected in the invoice, and also the profits calculation mechanism for the administrator to give him the ability to consult his profits from each order, order entry and vendor.
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